Increased circulation of advertised materials

Increased awareness and use of library services, both online and off


With Severn School’s newly adopted one-to-one iPad program and school-wide push toward paperless communication, the Library needed a way to reach out to teachers that didn’t involve creating flyers and bulletin boards. Collaborating with my fellow librarians, we defined our outreach goals:

  • Keep library services top of mind for teachers and staff
  • Share new collection materials, particularly for professional development
  • Direct traffic to the library website
  • Share helpful information like tips for using technology in the classroom and hand-picked resources for research.

Based on our goals, available resources and budget,  I created a simple email newsletter template using Outlook.  Each newsletter features on and offline library services, new collection materials, and helpful tech and education related resources outside of our collection. And because it leverages our school’s email client, it is easy to produce and distribute, and even easier for teachers to access.


image of library newsletter
Each newsletter is tailored to match current events or topics covered in classes.