Severn School Communications Photography

  • Elevated Severn School’s visual brand with high-quality photography for digital and printed publications
  • Reduced annual photography spending
  • Increased engagement on social media

Visual Representation of our Mission

Our world is dominated by images and video — current and prospective families expect to see students at work and at play. Every image should show who a school is as a community. Every photo is an extension of their brand.
When I joined the Severn School communications team, they spent too much time taking too many photos, many of which couldn’t be used for marketing materials. They hired a professional photographer to create a stock of photos but exhausted that in a couple of years. Daily photography is part of any private school communications job — why not make the most out of those photos and save money at the same time?
Teachers working with students on computers.

Purposeful Workflow

Rather than shoot a ton of photos and spend hours editing and sifting through, I started creating shot lists with needed posed and candid photos. Thinking strategically about photography cuts down on both shooting and editing time. When I head into a classroom with my camera, I know exactly what I’m looking for and how to get it.

Photography students taking pictures of students cooking.

I recommended using Lightroom instead of Photoshop to speed up our bulk editing workflow. And for our team members with less photography experience, I reviewed possible settings and angles prior to each event. The department’s previous “throw spaghetti at the wall” approach to photography is a thing of the past.

Preschool teachers working with smiling students.

These few simple changes saved a tremendous amount of time and increased our number of usable photos for marketing, fundraising and the alumni magazine. Our homegrown photography now rivals what we would get from a professional photographer without the wait or the cost.

Preschool students waiting in line.

Elementary school students at a dance.
Middle school students working together.
Middle school students working together with red cups and string.
Elementary school teacher and student looking at the board.
Middle and elementary school students standing in front of school.