Savvy Marketing With Brand-Focused Design


  • Increased brand awareness
  • Improved social media engagement

Graphics for New Blog Posts

Bright Umbrella is an agency that believes in the power of signature design style for both ourselves and our clients. To leverage our signature style through social marketing, I created graphics for sharing featured content across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. — Jesse Mawhinney, HubSpot

Optimized social graphic for new blog posts.

Good design isn’t a a static thing, it’s an evolving process. After creating and implementing the initial design for our social graphics, I found some elements that needed improvement.

• Facebook image size specs changed and the center-aligned design was getting cropped from the right.
• The quote text was difficult to read at smaller sizes.

I created a new design that solved both issues:

The new design better highlights important content and is easier to read on small screens.

Graphics for Bi-monthly Newsletter

I also create the masthead and social graphics for Bright Umbrella’s bi-monthly newsletter. Each graphic is themed for the season and purposefully reaches outside of our normal brand identity to show more personality and a sense of fun.

August newsletter masthead graphic.

August newsletter social graphic.