Bright Umbrella Web and Sales Copywriting

  • Developed a client-first messaging strategy for web and sales copy to clearly communicate Bright Umbrella’s value and attract new business
  • Increased effectiveness and clarity of sales materials

It’s About Them, Not Us

Bright Umbrella is a growing creative agency in the ongoing process of fine-tuning their content marketing and sales strategy. I worked closely with them to improve the clarity and efficacy of their message. Previously, they focused on their expertise and the technical results of their work. I suggested a more customer-friendly tone that highlights the specific business benefits their work brings to clients. Here are two examples of informational landing pages:

Screen shot of landing page for web agency.

Screen shot of website landing page.

I also wrote sales copy for service packages to use directly with leads. I used the same customer-first approach.

Screen shot of sales document.
Screen shot of sales document.