Severn School Annual Fund Campaign Video Series

  • Increased donations to the Severn Annual Fund by 20%
  • Increased traffic to giving pages by 50%

Campaign Kick-Off

The Severn School development office approached me about creating a video to kick off the Annual Fund campaign with three weeks to complete. The first segment of the campaign targeted current parents — my challenge was to create a unique video in a short amount of time that would get our current school community excited about giving.

Making a Connection

I used existing footage that I had gathered throughout the previous year and shaped the story with typography that conveys the core tenets of Severn School’s mission.

Your team continues to do a wonderful job with video messaging. There’s so much heart in them. It truly makes me teary-eyed to be a part of someplace so special.

— Severn School parent

Moving With Momentum

To follow the kick-off video, I created videos featuring student-led initiatives. This shows families the types of programs that the campaign supports.

Engaging All Constituencies

To kick off the second segment of the campaign, I created this call-to-action video using members of the senior class. Leaders in the class were able to get 100% student participation in donating to the annual fund. I used the power of that message to introduce a matching challenge for alumni.