• Increased brand awareness and established a growing community of engaged users in our market for Bright Umbrella Twitter and Facebook, more than doubling engagement and following for all accounts
  • Increased downloads and listenership for CTRL+CLICK CAST through social media marketing, Bright Umbrella’s only marketing stream for the podcast
  • Cut production time down by creating social graphics optimized for all platforms
  • Improved productivity through creating monthly calendar and scheduling system

Consistent, Authentic Voice

As Digital Media and Communications Assistant for Bright Umbrella, one of my primary tasks was managing social media accounts for both the company and their tech podcast, CTRL+CLICK CAST. I created a homegrown strategy for both Bright Umbrella and the podcast with that in mind. One of my goals in creating this strategy was to remain true to Bright Umbrella’s authentic voice and to grow a following that is truly invested in what the company has to say.



Homegrown Strategy

For both accounts, I followed a similar formula.

  • Based on our brand guidelines, I created a baseline of how to interact in the social media space.
  • I decided on the type of content to share for each account and established basic schedules.
  • I established a system for tracking, analyzing and reporting results and based on that data, regularly revisit goals and fine-tune our practice.
  • I designed optimized graphics to highlight featured content
CTRL+CLICK CAST new episode social graphic.

For a step-by-step look at how I created these strategies, check out my Social Media Strategy blog series. To see my work where it lives on the web, check out Bright Umbrella Twitter and Facebook, and CTRL+CLICK CAST Twitter.

Happy Clients = Long Term Relationships

Although I am no longer employed by the company, I have an ongoing contract with Bright Umbrella for social media consulting services. I continue to write smart, informative content for all of their social media accounts with a daily publishing schedule. I keep the focus, tone and consistency of their brand voice while sharing useful information and creating connections with industry peers and potential clients.