Created targeted paths to connect with potential clients and industry peers

Increased brand awareness

Shared useful content with the web community and clients


Part of Bright Umbrella’s mission and marketing strategy is to share what we learn through our original blog content and our bimonthly newsletter. This brand-focused copywriting educates clients and peers while establishing our expertise in design, development and business.

Bi-monthly Newsletter

I write copy for our bi-monthly newsletter featuring relevant topics for our current and prospective clients with a laser focus on our marketing goals. I pinpoint areas of need for our audience and showcase our expertise in those areas.

The June newsletter was targeted toward women business owners and entrepreneurs with a focus on diversity and ecommerce.

The August newsletter was targeted toward school marketers with a focus on website performance.



As I developed my social media expertise, I wrote a three-part blog series on creating our social media strategy.

Part 1: Establish the Baseline

Part 2: Content and Scheduling

Part 3: Keeping Track

My goal for this series is to provide small businesses resources and a road map for creating a social media strategy that works. Because social media integration and strategy is a service we offer at Bright Umbrella, these articles also serve as a way to connect with potential clients and increase awareness of our work.


I also write a recap series for our podcast, CTRL+CLICK CAST to package our episodes in an easy-to-access format tied to current topics in web design, development and business. For our peers, these recaps inform and entertain. For clients, they showcase Bright Umbrella’s expertise as a professional web agency that is always learning more.

CTRL+CLICK CAST Recap: Top Six Listener Picks

CTRL+CLICK Recap: Web Techniques Worth Learning