The winding path to my career in digital media has taught me one thing: I like change. I like trying new things, testing boundaries, figuring things out and doing them better. I can’t turn down a challenge, and I love that triumphant feeling when something works.

When I was a kid, my family called me “rugrat.” I had hair pointing in all directions, huge Coke-bottle glasses, a goofy smile and dirt under every nail. You could find me in one of two places: in the woods or in the basement. I spent my days tromping around outside making whatever mischief possible or inside, writing stories for an imaginary magazine, recording “radio” shows on my Fisher Price tape recorder, and shooting expertly crafted, unintentionally hilarious videos with our family’s old VHS camcorder.

My life now doesn’t look much different. In my free time, I hike, kayak, and paddle board every chance I get. I play music, I make art and try to spend as much time as possible with my sweet and crazy black lab. At work, I craft authentic stories for organizations I care about, and you can always find me with my camera and bag of gear, searching for just the right shot.